CloudTel Solutions Platform

We can make your business flourish with a flexible cloud platform

Next Generation Cloud Communication Platform

Better than existing platforms, we can provide you with
a VoIP platform or even an extension based on VoIP

  • Real-time Communication

    With a Class 4 & 5 soft switch, regardless of HD clarity voice to video delivery options, or a wholesale business plan, we always have a solution that fits you.

  • Instant Messaging

    Users can enjoy an enriched experienced , with our integrated functions like instant messaging; voice memos; customised stickers; video messaging and more.

  • Value Added Services

    With our skillsets, integrating e-commerce, News & Weather Widgets and even advertising is just a breeze .

Different Solutions to Build Your Business


Creating an ecosystem within your enterprise with no server requirements allowing your staff to communicate seamlessly around the globe

  • Upgrade your PSTN network to a Smart communication highway;
  • Affordable global calling systems;
  • Easily manageable communication expenses;


It's time to start your own VoIP Business, with our Flexible Cloud Platform VNO, we can easily build a business model with many functions:

  • You can provide free calls to your users by using advertising revenue to support costs;
  • Users can use credit and pay for goods, as well as make calls;
  • You can start your platform with a fixed user-base.

Game App Developer

With our powerful compatibility, you can easily integrate our VoIP service into your game as a VAS:

  • For players, Communication is the key to victory;
  • Synchronising micropayments within the game for your calls;
  • Security upgrades to make your environment more secure.

Want to Know More?

For more information, please contact us. We cannot wait to share our story with you.