Cloud9 Communication Services & Solutions

Communicate easily and affordably

  • Smart Desktop Phone

    The world’s only 10” smart terminal using the Android platform, giving you an integrated service platform.

  • Customized Mobile Phone

    A phone that screams you! Customizing a variety of options while maintaining an affordable calling platform.

  • Mobile Phone
    Rental Service

    For the savvy traveler, a tour guide built right into a mobile phone. This system of solutions offers free calls and data to keep you local in a foreign land.

  • Mobile App

    With our home-grown app, users will be able to keep in constant communication with their loved ones at our low, low prices!

  • Solutions Platform

    As a solutions provider we can provide the infrastructure and management platforms to integrate the various needs of your business into one easy platform.

  • More

    With Continued R&D, we will enlarge our portfolio of services, and seek innovative avenues to fulfil your needs.

Who Are We?

Cloud9 is a dedicated solutions provider, with a singular goal of breaking down the communication barriers created by on-premise hardware, and delivering cloud communication solutions to the masses. Allowing users to communicate the way they want, when they want.

Delivered on our state-of-the-art cloud ecosystem, Cloud9's first solution, CloudTel cloud communication platform will reinvent the way the new generation of mobile users thrive in this interconnected world.

In this future, Cloud9 aims to be the provider of affordable communication services for the differing environments our friends and users will be in.